1. What is hydrocolonotherapy? 

Hydrocolonotherapy or colonic irrigation is a method of gentle, safe and painless which deep clean the colon of waste material, toxins, gas and parasites, obtaining health and restore its functionality, benefits the entire body.

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2. Colon – an organ underestimated

Most people think of the colon as a body whose sole utility is to remove food debris. Nothing more fake! The large intestine is an organ, with particularly significant functions in the management of our health. He is an organ equipped with brain-called in the literature the “second brain”.

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3. The seven major effects of hydrocolonotherapy

The colon has the ability to store the waste and to cope with the irritating substances and allergens on a long-term basis, so that we do not realize than late as he has reached the critical point where he no longer works at normal parameters. Bloating, constipation, pain and discomfort, diarea abdominal and then headaches, “brain fog”, chronic fatigue, skin rashes, joint pain, are signs that our suffering from intestine.

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4. How can hydrocolonotherapy help?

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5. Herbal infusions

Many people suffer from various digestive disorders, such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome. These symptoms can be relieved with herbal infusions. It was found that they are much more active if they are administered in the form of infusions, rectal, unless they are administered orally.

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6. Frequently asked questions

A session can take between 45 and 60 minutes. The first session lasts longer, to be able to fill in the questionnaire about your health and lifestyle. Also, you will be presented the procedure and post treatment instructions.

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7. Contraindications

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