Acupuncture and chinese medicine

Acupuncture and chinese medicine


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acupunctura_sarcina Light-dark, hot-cold, male-female, active-passive-introvert, Extrovert, yin-yang … all apparently contradictory principles. And yet the essences are born in one of the other. How could there be a world without their perfect balance?

Man is a microcosm, that archetypal it works according to the mechanisms of the macrocosm-this is the vision that led to the development of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Symbolic language covers the reality better and addresses both the mind and the heart, the Chinese having a pronounced practical spirit and having an unchanged for thousands of years they managed to record the experience of many generations of physicians. An ideogram or ideograph are the keys to understanding the language of acupuncture and then terms such as wind, cold, heat, humidity, dryness, which means the external energies or connections with Eastern wood, tendons, eyes, sour taste gets understood and therapeutic value for medical problems in concrete.

The place that occupies acupuncture within chinese medicine emerges on top, we yi ideograma an arrow in a quiver closed, similar idea nevatamatoare moved by arrow mine right with undulating movements such as wing beats of a bird, referring to the practice of acupuncture, and inferior to a bowl covered with a lid, containing a liquid substance, indicating the medicinal remedy.

Ideograma nan translated by man is composed of radical tian-camp/field-grown and from radical li-force can interpret as the working force using physical field — taking into consideration the concrete material and in the same time one can read that the man (inner quality that belongs to both women and men) is the one who remembers and undertake work on different fields/plans.

Dr. Ciprian Popescu
Acupuncture medic specialist
Del Mar Medical Spa