Acupuncture and Chinese medicine

The place that occupies acupuncture within Chinese medicine emerges on top, we yi ideograma an arrow in a quiver closed, similar idea nevatamatoare moved by arrow mine right with undulating movements such as wing beats of a bird, referring to the practice of acupuncture, and inferior to a bowl covered with a lid, containing a liquid substance, indicating the medicinal remedy.

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Anti-stress acupuncture

The pace of life in modern society leads to the predominance of the use of the left hemisphere, which in time imbalance is perceived by the body as a stressful stimulus. Through acupuncture, it activates the right hemisphere and somato-psychic symptomatology, corrects that accompanies stress.

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Detoxification through acupuncture

Practiced for more than 5,000 years, acupuncture restores energy balance of body, mind and spriritului by using sterile needles, which are inserted into specific points of the body. Acupuncture has a significant role in the process of detoxification of the body because it helps eliminate accumulated toxins. Through acupuncture, it eliminates blockages caused by the existence of toxins enegetice, restabilieste energy balance and harmonizes all body functions.

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Weight loss with acupuncture

Energy rebalancing action on the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system, causing loss of appetite, appetite for sweet bread and bread and decreases appetite of “pathological rontaiala” on the merits of the stress and the sensation of eating something “good”. Basically the patient is helped to abstain from consuming any food that makes them happy, but fat. After a few sessions of rebalancing, the patient becomes indifferent to food from which it could not help myself.

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Del Mar Natural Beauty

Del Mar Natural Beauty is a complex medical treatment, 100% natural, facial rejuvenare, which consists of a ombinatie of the acupuncture facial cosmetic biomagnetotherapy magnet set off with gold.

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