Del Mar Medical Spa offers body remodeling with Power Plate

Spa and body-shaping Power Plate
Join us at Del Mar Medical SPA with the most innovative treatments of facial rejuvenare – Intraceuticals (Madonna’s treatment) -, remodelling treatments and body toning – tripollar radiofrequency, Power Plate -, SPA procedures and rituals, stress management, massage and physiotherapy.

Intraceuticals – Hyperbaric Oxygen Technology

Intraceuticals is a revolutionary system, non-invaziv, that replaces the traditional invasive treatments with active substances such as  Hyaluronic Acid.

Used by celebrities, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and top spas around the world, Intraceuticals infusion offers a unique experience, with immediate results, that can be seen and felt.

Body reshaping

Tripollar radiofrequency is the newest technology with applications in facial reconturare and body reshaping. Tripollar technology-based treatments smooth, outline, tones and “pick up”, in a Word, reshape the body, a non-surgical alternative that effectively treats cellulite and reducing circumference without injuring the tissues of the body.

Power Plate-the intelligent solution for body remodeling

Power Plate, this future technology has caused a revolution in the beauty industry, sport and wellness through body remodeling. The principle that promotes the Power Plate training is based on mechanical vibrations. This type of training allows anyone to improve their appearance, health, physical and mental condition.

Fresh Start – detox program

Fresh Start is a holistic therapy program to detoxify the body’s deep, including: nutrition, detox cosmetologycal (General detoxification), acupuncture (detoxifying liver, kidney, lymph), body Detox Green wrapping, massage Vital Detox (detoxifying, lymphatic and skin), energy (Reiki) therapy, Power Plate, detox breathing exercises.

At Del Mar SPA, Medical SPA treatments are all performed with leading industry products, 100% natural and from the deep skin cleaning, continued by cellulite treatment, intended game remodeling, muscle pain, prevention of skin and culminating with true rituals-pampering for body and mind.