power plate

Power Plate


1.  Cellulite reduction and body shaping

An intake in increasing body fat, insulin has a metabolic hormone that regulates blood glucose. Accelerated training based on the vibrations made by using Power-Plate facilitates both regulate insulin levels through the thinning of adipose tissue, as well as reducing cellulite by stimulating lymph flow venous/problem areas.

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2.  Toning and muscle growth

The study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 20 (1), 123-129, in 2006 looked at the evolution of the leg muscles during training accelerated based on the vibration Power Plate. The subjects also performed standard exercises for the legs, without additional weights on the Power Plate. Similar exercises have been carried out both by the group that was trained on the Power Plate, as well as to those who used the Power Plate.

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3.  Rehabilitation therapy

In the physical training with Power Plate, vibration and muscle stretch reflex is created, then it is contracting rhythmically (between 30-50 contractions per second depending on the frequency of the set). On the Power Plate is a strength workout, high-intensity, being applied more than 97% of muscle fibers, resulting in an increase in the force and resistance.

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4.  Hormonal benefits of Power Plate

Accelerated training scheduled Power-Plate is designed for best results of the endocrine system. They can amplify the effects of hormonal EC can reshape your body, and makes it possible for both individuals and altletice the least trained to maximize performance by increasing hormonal benefits of training for Power Plate

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5.  Del Mar Intensive Training

Del Mar Training Intensive is a Power Plate workout intense, accelerated timeframes. The principle that promotes the Power Plate training is based on the vibrations. With the help of vibration Power Plate platform enables up to 97% from muscle fiber, compared to only 40% in the case of conventional training.At Del Mar Medical Spa, we have combined all the benefits of your workout on the Power Plate with those of intense accelerated training ranges, a form of training that is becoming more popular lately, and thus was born the Del Mar Training Intensive.

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6.  Testimonials

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