Body reshaping and cellulite reduction using the Power Plate

Body reshaping and cellulite reduction

using the Power Plate


An intake in increasing body fat, insulin has a metabolic hormone that regulates blood glucose. Insulin levels is that on which we must reflect on all the time. As it is, the larger will increase the adipose tissue.

For example, in the case of sedentary individuals, insulin excess nutrients to transfer fat cells, turns them into fatty acids and then stores them as triglycerides. Thus, the emphasis of cellulite starts to be visible in the top layer of skin.

powerplate_mainCellulite is a combination between a loss of connective tissue and increased fat deposits under the skin. The reasons for the appearance of cellulite are:

  • ever since volume/multiplication of adipocytes;
  • additional metabolic problems (venous/lymphatic flow, reduced oedema);
  • genetic predisposition.

The most effective treatment against cellulitis involves the actions 4 entire body :

  • increasing lymphatic flow venous/;
  • nutrient composition and weight control;
  • connective tissue and muscle toning;
  • increasing blood flow.

Accelerated training based on the vibrations made by using Power-Plate facilitates both regulate insulin levels through the thinning of adipose tissue, as well as reducing cellulite by stimulating lymph flow venous/problem areas.

Health largely depends on eating out. Choose the daily menu, carefully taking into account the nutrient composition.

Our advice: live active for the movement will bring image to that dream, but also a good mental state.