wellness and nutrition

Lifestyle vs. diet

Active participation in a program of wellness reflects your attitude towards your own life. When the responsibility for getting a healthy behavior, you prove your actions control (empowerment).Your behavior is usually consistent with your values.

Healthy behaviour and caring for a presumes food to ensure proper weight, prevent cardiovascular diseases, degenerative, etc. Healthy eating must be balanced qualitative (protein, carbohydrate, fat with healthy slow absorption), quantitatively (according to the age and physical activity) and be prepared accordingly. What is very important, even vital, for a healthy lifestyle, is the number of meals-at least 3 meals/day fixed. It is not easy to have a disciplined program, abide by them as they abide by the objectives and terms of the professional life. If you want to be healthy, tonic, and to impose them as your personal goals.

Coaching in 3 months

The program is spread over a period of three months and includes the following services:

Medical assessment, risk factors, habits, life style;
Nutritional counseling-2 sessions/month;
Balance of body mass (measurements);
Permanently consultance by email (response within 24 hours).

The goal of coaching program developed over the course of three months is that you become “your own nutritionist”. In fact, that translates into adopting a healthy lifestyle and to feel that you “you have control” over this aspect of your life.