Probiotics and their role in the functioning of the organism

18 iulie 2013
4 iulie 2013

Probiotics and their role in the functioning of the organism

Yogurt is a live food-contains active ferments, lactobacile.

Lactobacilus Acidophylus is the first and greatest abundance “bacterie prietena” what is found in the oral cavity, small intestine, large intestine and vagina. Acidophylus destroy hostile bacteria incuzind those who are undesirable in the digestive process. A poor digestion due to a bacterial flora inappropriate weakens the immune system.

Consumption of this product is recommended for rebalancing the intestinal flora after? antibiotic treatment, Faisal? ri digestive (ie, some of them constipate? complicate of biliary pathology?, gastritis, indigestion), halen? (the unpleasant smell of the mouth cut?), hypercholesterolaemia and caren? of vitamins of the B group.

A little yogurt 150 g provides 50% of the recommended intake of phosphorus and 40% of the calcium,
for an adult. He also lowers blood cholesterol by 3%.

Dr. Anda Avramescu

Nutrition Advisor

Del Mar Medical Spa

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