Full Body Seaweed Wrap

14 martie 2013
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Full Body Seaweed Wrap

Full Body Seaweed Wrap

Spa body toning treatment, detoxification and remineralization with seaweed which helps removal of toxins from the body, stimulating your metabolism and reduces skin nodules of cellulite.

With a high concentration of seaweed extract, this mask is rich in oligo-elements: magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, zinc, manganese, providing qualities that masks, such as: stimulating, detoxifying and toning. Improves blood circulation, promoting cell oxygenation. Superfluous or diuretic, helps eliminate toxins and water retention.

Other benefits of treatment: purifies the skin, hydrates and mineral skin, leaving your skin clean and smooth.

The main ingredients:

  • Seaweed: mineralizes, tonifies, detoxifies
  • Kaolin: stretch, purify
  • Horsetail: tonifies, improves skin elasticity
  • Ginseng: stimulates protein synthesis, maintains skin firmness
  • The essential oil of sandalwood:stimulates the blood circulation, tonifies

The treatment is rich in minerals and oligo-elements: calcium, potassium, zinc, manganese, nitrogen, copper, sulfur, cobalt, sodium, magnesium, nickel, selenium, phosphorus, iodine and iron. In addition, the packaging contains vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B and vitamin e.

It also brings an important treatment consideration of alginic acid and protein. Alginic acid, seaweed content (especially the brune) acts in a detoxifying and blood. Alga antarctica called Durvillea is the containing alginic acid at a rate of 48%, being the most effective in stopping the free radicals responsible for the process of aging and degeneration of the cells.

Micronisation natural algae is a technical procedure that turns the algae into a very fine powder (1-3 microns in size). This allows a perfect and easy dilution of algae in the water, releasing a high content of active ingredients for the most effective and natural therapies. Seaweed wraps help eliminate toxicity, stimulates skin metabolism and smoothes cellulite accumulation. This packing body is a mixture of algae Laminaria and Fucus Vesiculosus Digitata. Packaging is recommended for all skin types.

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Full Body Seaweed Wrap

Full Body Seaweed Wrap

Tratament spa corporal de tonifiere, remineralizare si detoxifiere cu alge marine care ajuta la eliminarea toxinelor din organism stimuland metabolismul pielii si diminueaza nodulii celulitici.

Cu o concentratie ridicata de extract de seaweed, aceasta masca este bogata in oligo-elemente: magneziu, sodiu, potasiu, fier, zinc, mangan, oferind calitati acestei masti, precum: stimulare, detoxifiere si tonifiere. Imbunatateste circulatia sangvina, promovand oxigenarea celulara. Datorita efectului sau diuretic, ajuta la eliminarea toxinelor si a retentiei de apa.

Alte beneficiile ale tratamentului: purifica pielea, mineralizeaza si hidrateaza, lasand pielea curata si neteda.

Ingredientele principale:

  • Seaweed: mineralizeaza, tonifica, detoxifiaza
  • Kaolin: intinde, purifica
  • Coada calului: tonifica, imbunatateste elasticitatea pielii
  • Ginseng: stimuleaza sinteza de proteine, mentine fermitatea pielii
  • Ulei esential de lemn de sandal: stimuleaza circulatia sangvina, tonifica.

Tratamentului este bogat in minerale si oligo-elemente: calciu, mangan, potasiu, zinc, azot, cupru, sulf, cobalt, sodium, nichel, magneziu, selenium, fosfor, iod si fier. In plus, impachetarea contine si vitamine, pro-vitamina A, vitamina C, vitamina B si vitamina E.

De asemenea, tratamentul aduce un important aport de proteine si acid alginic. Acidul alginic, continut de algele marine (in special de cele brune) actioneaza in mod detoxifiant si depurativ. Alga numita Durvillea antarctica este cea ce contine acid alginic in proportie de 48%, fiind cea mai eficienta in stoparea radicalilor liberi responsabili cu procesul de imbatranire si degenerare a celulelor.

Micronizarea algelor naturale este o procedura tehnica ce transforma algele intr-o pudra foarte fina (1-3 microni ca marime). Acest lucru permite o diluare perfecta si usoara a algelor in apa, eliberand un continut mare de ingrediente active pentru cele mai eficiente si naturale terapii. Impachetarea cu alge marine ajuta la eliminarea toxicitatii, stimuleaza metabolismul pielii si netezeste acumularile celulitice. Aceasta impachetare a corpului cu alge este o mixtura de Laminaria Digitata si Fucus Vesiculosus. Impachetarea este recomandata pentru toate tipurile de piele.

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