About how to not get fat for the holidays

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About how to not get fat for the holidays




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            Top 10 tips to keep your bodyweight for holidays




Because we know how important for you health and your look and how much work to keep them, as you were, at the end of each year, we offer a few tips to help you to more easily pass over difficult period of holidays.

Multa bafta!

The holidays are the time when we spend the most time with family and friends. Unfortunately, for many people it’s the moment that overeating leads to ramming or returning to an unwanted weight. According to the National Health Institute of the United States, a person, on average, add 1-2 kg of holidays, in each year over the life of those pounds are added up.

The holidays should not mean increase in weight. Will concentrate rather on a balance between food, activities and entertainment. If you follow a few simple tips, you can be healthy and you can not get fat.

  1. Be realistic! Don’t try to lose weight for the holidays, but proposes to maintain your weight.
  2. Plan your move! The exercises help us to escape from the stress of the holidays and to prevent weight gain. Moderate daily exercise can counteract the overeating. 10-15 minute workout twice a day should be sufficient.
  3. Do not jump over tables! Before you go to a party, get a snack like fruit or raw vegetables, to reduce your appetite. You’ll be less tentata spoil you with excess food.


  1. Analyze the buffet before you fill your plate! Choose your favorite food and jump over the one you like less. Include vegetables and fruits to your swing plate.

  2. Eat as you are safisfacuta, not full! Enjoy the goodies for the holidays in small portions. Sit down, make yourself comfortable and enjoy them.

  3. Be careful with drinks! Alcohol lowers inhibitions and makes us eat. Non-alcoholic drinks can be full of calories and sugar.
  4. If you eat too much at one meal, eat less at the next! It takes 500 calories per day (or 3,500 calories per week) over normal consumption to fatten us ½ kg. It is impossible to get fat from 1 piece of pie!


  1. Move your attention from food. Instead of sweets, you can do your Christmas decorations or a house made of gingerbread. Plan activities with family and friends that don’t necessarily involve food.
  2. Bring your own healthy food at parties for the holidays.
  3. For the holidays, prepare your favorite dish dishes with fewer calories and less fat. Incorporates them into traditional meals in order to reduce the total number of calories of such meals.

You probably won’t follow all 10 commandments of mancatului conscious of the holidays. After all, you deserve to let yourself spoiled with 1-2 slices of pound cake, a few tablespoons of salad boeuf and other goodies.

And if the whole adventure holidays ends with a few extra pounds, don’t worry. Together they take care of January 3!


Until then, I wish you a year full of fun and good vibes and a wonderful new year, good health and many many joy!


Happy holidays!

Echipa Del Mar



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