Get rid of extra pounds «earned» for the holidays with the help of Power Plate

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About how to not get fat for the holidays

Get rid of extra pounds «earned» for the holidays with the help of Power Plate

Top 3 slimming exercises on the Power Plate


Returning after the holidays is not easy, but not so hard as we think. To achieve our goal, it takes only a little ambition and more discipline in eating out.

The first workouts will be for accommodation, starting with a general heating well planned in order to prevent injuries. The training will have a small to medium intensity and will be without weights, granting priority to the main muscle groups, muscles of the thighs and chest. These muscle groups are made up of muscle fibers more dense, which makes the exercise involving these areas, to consume a higher quantity of calories.

Here are some examples of exercises that help us to consume more calories: 

1. Lunge to tone up your thighs, buttox

2. Plank

3. Classic push-up

An example of an exercise in detail proposed above you can see even in number 34 of our newsletter, dated 17 January 2014, by clicking on the link:

Do not forget that your workouts on the Power Plate does not help us only to weight loss. Accelerated training, on the basis of vibration increases serotonin levels (hormone of happiness) and inhibit the amount of cortisol (stress hormone).

Our advice: start 2014 on the Power Plate and you will be energized and good vibes all year.



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