Diet and cellulite

6 decembrie 2013
21 Noiembrie 2013

Diet and cellulite

Although diet does not influence directly the cellulite, it may get rid of the favoring of certain causes, to prevent its occurrence or amplify other procedures performed.

What I recommend is a varied and balanced diet, with adequate energy intake with your ideal weight, physical activity with age. Apart from the content and amount of food consumed is important and the way of cooking,which can regulate the quality of nutrients and calories.

Also, don’t forget to respect the pace and meals, which is supposed to be about 4-5 hours, so the portions are small.

Fruits and vegetables are recommended, the “good” fats (to integrity and appearance of the skin), e.g., fish, olive oil, pumpkin seeds,raw almonds, milk and weak-as well as whole grains (oatmeal, or black bread).

Juices and alcohol should be avoided, and drinking coffee or cocoa based products.

Regarding the consumption of salt intake recommend less than one teaspoon (5 grams) / day. Avoid hidden sources of sodium (smoked sausage, cheese, preserves, pickles, snacks)

Don’t forget about fluid intake (8-20 cups of water/day), water with a priceless role in transporting toxic product.

A cure for 10 days of detoxification, 2-3 times a year can help get rid of certain toxic easily accumulated in the body (including subcutaneous tissue). During this period they only consume fruits and veggies (lots of green veggies) preferably raw and completely remove the meat, eggs, dairy products, prajelile fat, spices, coffee, smoking, alcoholic drinks. You can eat raw sunflower seeds, almonds, nuts, berries, raw vegetable oils.

Benefit associated with colonic enemas, body peelings, relaxation therapies.

Dr. Anda Avramescu

Consilier Nutritie

Del Mar Medical Spa

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