Lifestyle vs Diet

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Lifestyle vs Diet

The value of a healthy lifestyle

What we understand by value? DEX=ul says that « value is the sum of the price of a thing, the extent to which something is appreciated»
We consider the HEALTH of a value? Yes, but most of the time, after we have a medical problem or if something scares us, and more often than not, after 40-50 years. Up to this psychological threshold», «we have different values, usually based on biological needs (sustenance), and then click the (upon acceptance, the need for approval), psychological (which relate to the self realization).

Hectic lifestyle of the 21st century, makes things happen with a very high speed, without having to take the time to listen to your body. If I do it, the question would be: are you satisfied (a) the personal well-being, physical appearance, work, your health? All these define the term «WELLNESS», I mean the balance of those aspects that will give balance in life. In this concept, it go beyond the health aspect, namely to achieve the maximum potential of happiness, contentment of the individual.

If you are NOT satisfied, then the next step is to take an ATTITUDE, I mean to make a change. Who says it’s easy? Or you can do it all of a sudden?

It is said that the first phase is that of CONTEMPLATION, I mean you look at, you’re thinking if you want to make a change. It’s time to build the intrinsic motivation that helps make a lasting change. You can do it alone or with help. After you have decided to accept the change, you will proceed to an action plan. The construction of this plan, the duration of, depends on the individual, although it is based on general principles, and will be adapted to the needs, realities and values. That’s why I don’t believe in DIETS, but in LIFESTYLE CHANGES.

Active participation in WELLNESS programs reflect the attitude of the individual for life. At this point the individual responsibility for healthy behavior proves the control of his actions (EMPOWERMENT). The behavior is usually consistent values.

Healthy behaviour and caring for a presumes food to ensure proper weight, prevent cardiovascular diseases, degenerative, cancers.

Healthy eating must be balanced qualitative (protein, carbohydrate, fat with healthy slow absorption), quantitatively (according to the age and physical activity) and be prepared accordingly. What is very important, even vital, for a healthy lifestyle, is the number of TABLES
-at least 3 meals/day fixed. It is not easy to have a disciplined program, abide by them as they abide by the objectives and terms of the professional life. If you want to be EFFICIENT, HEALTY, TONIC, must impose them as your personal goals. Man was created with mechanisms for adjustment and adaptation, which used excessive and disorderly, will succumb and then appear dysfunction – tiredness, ramming, insomnia, fear, pain.

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